Vermont Employers Law Center 

An Innovative and Pragmatic Solution to a Broad Range of Employer Needs

Robert W. Scharf, Esq. and Jane Osborne McKnight, principals of Vermont Employers Law Center, Inc.

Vermont Employers Law Center is a subscription-based legal service offering the full range of employment law solutions to busy and cost-conscious employers.  Each low-cost, annual subscription provides access to an array of services, from experience-tested contracts and employment policies to consultations, research,  and attorney problem-solving.  Mediation, arbitration, litigation, and settlement services are also available on a fee-for-service or hourly basis.  We also provide experienced assistance in federal or state regulatory proceedings and investigations, including those conducted by the Department of Labor, Human Rights Commission, Office of the Attorney General, Office of Professional Regulation and EEOC.

Attorneys McKnight and Scharf have a combined total of more than thirty-two years' experience with employment law issues in a number of industries, including:
  • retail sales and services
  • medical and dental providers and practices
  • manufacturers
  • not for profit organizations
  • restaurants and other hospitality providers
  • agricultural producers
  • specialty food product producers
  • individual legal, engineering, and accounting professionals
  • software designers  

McKnight and Scharf formed VELC as a vehicle for providing time-tested, workable, and economical employer solutions in the following areas:

  • employment contracts
  • non-compete agreements
  • confidentiality agreements
  • non-circumvention agreements
  • independent contractor arrangements
  • employment handbooks and policies
  • sexual harassment policies and live training
  • defense of claims involving wrongful termination, discrimination (age, gender, disability), retaliation, hostile sexual environment and sexual harassment, "whistleblower" claims, USERRA claims, and many other causes of action.
  • Successful actions for damages and injunction against disloyal employees and involving misappropriation of employer trade secrets.
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